«Manna from Heaven»

the authentic retreat tour to Mezmay, Lago-Naki plateau with immersion into places of power and unique techniques and activities

Things will never be the same!

This journey truly is magical!


You should try out the retreat tour if:

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You are looking for ideas and inspiration for your work, but you can’t seem to find them

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You feel the need to recharge your body and soul


You are interested in combining relaxation, practice and discovering places with unique energy


You want to meet new people and make new friends


You lost your way in life, or you’re simply low on energy


A journey that is more than a mere trip – it is a new start in your life.



   In Krasnodar Krai, hidden away out of civilization’s pervasive reach, Mezmay made its residence on the Lago-Naki plateau at the bottom of a valley.

   This settlement is located in place of an ancient lake that disappeared long ago and left in its wake an unbelievable variety of flora and fauna.

   For a long time, Mezmay has been sheltered from outsiders by the plateau’s slopes and three untrodden ravines that extend from the valley in three different directions like rays of light. They are the three wonders of nature.

   Each of the ravines contains its own unique environment, energy and beauty, distinct in every season.

   Remarkably, it is possible to live through a winter, a summer, a spring and a fall within 24 hours.

You will share the retreat with a circle of like-minded individuals who will become a big part of encouraging progress and motivation in you.

Why Mezmay?

  • Unparalleled nature

  • Beautiful rivers and powerful waterfalls

  • High-altitude glades, subalpine meadows

  • Abyssal canyons and grottos

  • Observation decks

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  • Fabulous boxwood growths and the aroma of flowers

  • Unique energy

  • Extravagant mountain kapishches, millennia-old dolmens

  • Long and twisted cave labyrinths

  • Ancient burial sites from the times of Alexander the Great (over 2100 years)




Day 1

  • 09:00 Meet the participants at the airport and the train station of Krasnodar.

  • 10:00 Ride to the Guamka Ravine in a comfortable minibus.

  • 13:00 Check in at the eco-hotel.

  • 14:00 Lunch.

  • 15:00 The event opening, getting acquainted with the team.

  • 16:00 Practice in places of power: “The Toltek Circle of 22 Energies” will help you make prognoses for your undertakings, predict the necessary course of action, calculate the correct decisions, determine the best days to open a business, marry, purchase a house, choose a partner without error.

  • 19:00 Dinner. 

  • 20:00 Further practice. Finding your purpose, mission, talents, abilities, true goals, changing ineffective worldviews.

  • 21:00 Diagnostics by participants’ request. Understand the reasons of and solve your most difficult problems. As a result, discover abilities, raise your self-worth, solve issues such as loneliness or toxic relationships. More

  • 22:00 Absolute Know-How, Quantum Transpersonal Qigong will launch the process of rejuvenation, help you neutralize negative emotions, strengthen your psyche, ensure total relaxation. Author’s method: More Feedback loops.

  • 23:00 Rest.

Day 2

  • 09:00 Breakfast.

  • 10:00 The Paradigm Method. Discovering everything that harms and destroys your life: principles, scenarios, beliefs.

  • 11:00  Guamka Ravine. Neutralize, devalue and remove en masse all of the negative beliefs and principles through the original “Shaman Circle” method.  

  • 14:00 Lunch.

  • 15:00 Departure to Mezmay. Ascension to the Orlinaya shelf. Fear management techniques. All of your problems will seem insignificant afterwards.

  • 17:00 Venture to the Verkhne-Kurjipskoe ravine, the yew/boxwood grove and the waterfall. Energy charge in the places of power.

  • 18:00 Return to the eco-hotel.

  • 19:00 Dinner.

  • 20:00 “Tonglein”, a unique original technique. Buddhist monk practices. Receiving the energy of the three elements. An attempt to remove any emotional and psychosomatic issues you may have in 1 hour.

  • 21:00 Diagnostics by participants’ request, help with management of business-related aspects, ways to achieve goals, discover new ideas, hidden venues of making money, elevate your financial state and determine the best career opportunities for you. More

  • 22:00 Eastern rejuvenation practices. The original Quantum Transpersonal Qigong will help you lose weight, look younger, improve your mood, neutralize body blockages that contribute to anxiety. More Feedback loops.

  • 23:00 Rest.


Day 3

  • 09:00 Breakfast.

  • 10:00 Original trigger words technique. You can actually speak to your subconscious, ask questions, receive precise and correct answers and solve any issue you may have.

  • 11.00 Quintillian’s technique. Universal way to solve unfavorable or desperate situations.

  • 12:00 Lunch.

  • 13:00  Departure to Lago-Naki. Azishskaya cave. “Bows” and “Transitions” techiques, help repairing relationships with relatives and other people, resolving misunderstandings and conflicts.  

  • 18.00 Dinner in a café located on the Lago-Naki plateau.

  • 19:00 Leaving for the Guamka ravine hotel.

  • 20:30 “Achieving the chosen goals using a timeline”. Quantum physics. A miraculous technique that allows to make wishes come true. 

  • 21:30 Help finding a way out of difficult life circumstances using diagnostics, work on chronic and hard-to-cure illnesses, eradicate harmful habits and damaging dependencies on circumstances and people. More

  • 22:30 Quantum Transpersonal Qigong and the unique original sound localization Pyramid application. Develop your intuition, change your future, events that haven’t happened yet that can be overturned in a favorable way. More Feedback loops.

  • 23:30 Rest.

Day 4

  • 08:30 The original (resource-based) Quantum Transpersonal Qigong will help you accumulate positivity and energy to fuel positive changes in your body for months to come.

  • 09:30 Breakfast. 

  • 10:30 Perform the Power Resource techniques to secure your life energy. Work with the chakra system. Feedback loops. Neutralize psychological rollback. Reinforce the results of the retreat tour.

  • 12:30 Lunch.

  • 13:30 Departure for Krasnodar.


This journey will help you:

  • Reduce anxiety, stress, tension and other mental blocks using original techniques.

  • Awaken your intuition, discuss trends and create an image of the future.

  • Renew your goals and ideas, think about your personal plans and strategies and make an important step towards accomplishing your objectives.

  • Reinforce your strength, resilience, creativity and motivation.

  • Get practical experience in the area of eastern rejuvenation techniques and the ability to use them yourself later in life.

  • Get quality rest in a mountainous area, complete with walks, great air and tan.

  • Realize your true desires and aspirations

  • Unclog the stream of energy and let it into your life

  • Make important decisions and try out something new and enigmatic

  • Take a break from the routine and make a pilgrimage to the places of power

  • Get in great physical shape and even lose a few kilos

  • Obtain knowledge and experience of how to gain personal strength and control emotions





Philosopher, traveler, composer, psychologist, life coach, business instructor. Senior manager, communication expert, owner of commercial property.


  • Studies interpersonal relationships of different cultures, the connection between traditions, rituals, cults, religions and their influence over man.

  • Lived with Khanty and Selkup peoples in the Far North regions for 6 years.

  • Made pilgrimages to places of power all over the world.

  • Made connections with African Tuareg tribes, Uralic old believers, shamans of the Far North, Tuva, Mongolia, South America, Hindi priests.

  • Has over 13 years of experience practicing Tianzhu Shan medical qigong under master Liu Shaobin, a professor and superintendent of the Wushu and Qigong Institute of Tianzhu Shan, PRC.

  • Over 25 years of practicing business


  • Author and instructor of 7-month-long courses:


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«Prosperity’s Psychology and Practice»

«Him and Her. The Secrets to Happy Relationships»

«The Mission is to Be Happy and Successful»

The mental gymnastics complex «Quantum Transpersonal Qigong»

  • In the last 10 years, he performed more than 5 000 consultations, 200 webinars, 1600 trainings, around 25 000 hours of practice with an audience.

  • Author of over 150 techniques, article writer, book author, musician.

  • The founder and leader of «ARBUZ», the coach center in Krasnodar. Author and instructor of “SHAR”, the school of positive change and problem-solving.


What we’re looking for in our groups:

  • Respect and kindness towards others and the local traditions

  • A sense of humor, mutual aid and active participation in every practice

  • Responsibility and decency, an aspiration to grow and develop yourself

  • Care towards nature and resistance to outside aggravations

  • An open heart and mind


If you decide to prolong your stay by yourself, you can reach the coast of the Black Sea after the tour we offer and continue your vacation there.

Reaching Sochi from Lago-Naki through a pass by foot only takes 65 km.



  • Arrival no later than 8:30 on the first day of the program

  • Departure no earlier than 19:30 of the last day of the program

  • Daily programs subject to change depending on technical and/or meteorological circumstances

What to bring along:

  • A backpack with 20-30 liters of space

  • A tracksuit for walks, a windbreaker

  • Warm clothes, hat, gloves (for fall, winter and spring)

  • Shoes for mountainous areas (light mountain sneakers)

  • Individual disposable raincoat

  • A hat/cap, sunglasses

  • Sunscreen, bug spray

  • Trunks/swimsuit

Retreat tour dates:

  • August 05-08 2022

  • September 09-12 2022

  • September-October 30-03 2022


Contact us and find out the details

Everything is ready. Thanks

Retreat tour costs:

15 000 ₽ – The organizational costs to book the hotel in advance, confirm the tour cost

72 000 ₽ – to book and pay organizational costs more than a month in advance

78 000 ₽ – when paid less than a month before the tour begins


If a booking is withdrawn, the costs of what has already been paid by the organizers for the hotel, minibus and the program itself will be retained by the organizers out of the organizational prepayment.


A family discount of 5% is provided.

The costs include:

  • Living in a 1-3 person room with all the facilities in a comfortable eco-hotel (4 days/3 nights)

  • 3 meals a day

  • Krasnodar – Lago-Naki – Mezmay – Krasnodar group transfer

  • Daily rides and walks in the surrounding areas and places of power

  • A program of trainings, diagnostics, exercises, eastern practices (including ones in places of power)

  • Tour guide services

  • Ecological fees of the nature reserve

The costs do NOT include:

  • Flights to Krasnodar

  • Translator services


Retreat tour to Mezmai and Lago-Naki is a journey beyond the ordinary and into the depths of the unknown.




I really like the trainer Alexander Rastyapin! I learned a lot of useful wisdom for myself. He really helped me to see a part of myself that I didn't even want to admit. I am much happier now. I went through a lot of pieces of training and visited different coaches. Alexander Leonidovich Rastyapin has a very high level. He always gets right to the problem which I would like to solve, and "does not beat around the bush". I am very grateful to him. I definitely advise everyone to attend his training!



I want to express my admiration, I was at the training in Mezmai. It was very POWERFUL! The level of consciousness rose, and everything became clearly visible from a different perspective at once. I learned to see an сonstellation in each life situation, I mean, to look from the side (and before I was immersed in the problem). I learned again to talk at the soul level, and it is the most honest communication! Plus quantum qigong!... In general, the only word that comes to my mind regarding Alexander and his practices is POWERFUL! I consider myself very lucky to get to this Man's practices. Thank you very much.



Very interesting things are happening to me. When I'm reading what I want there, I feel nothing, no pain, no emotion, after a while, when I'm doing something, out of the blue, I feel pain. I thought.... I need to stop and work with this pain using your method, and it worked, I am very glad that I found such a method, thank you for sharing such a technique.

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